Website and Email Hosting


We have experience with many website hosting service providers (both good and bad).  Factors we consider when selecting or changing website hosting service providers include minimal site disruptions, customer service availability and responsive times, technical support and also price.

You may already have a relationship with an existing website hosting service provider.  We can work with you determine if it is time to consider a change or continue services with that provider.


Typically, website email can be set up and administered with your company or organization website.  If you already host your email elsewhere, we will update the website domain information to point to your existing hosting provider. 

Given your specific experiences and needs, we may recommend hosting and administering email separate from your website (calendaring, improved spam filtering, remote or webmail access, security, etc.).  This could include such solutions such as your existing Internet Service Provider, Office 365, Google hosted email, GoDaddy or others.